UAE Visa Services

UAE Visa Services

Want a visa to travel to Dubai. Getting a UAE visa is cheap and easy when you go through Muhanna Tourism because we have our own tourist visa quota with Dubai immigration. Find out how to get a UAE visa for yourself or a family member. We offer multiple tourist visa options form a 96 hour transit visa to a 90 day visa.

96 hours transit visa

Transiting in Dubai or want a short stop over in Dubai. The 96 hours visa is perfect for you

14 days short term visa

Enjoy the delights of Dubai with the 14 day short term visa

30 days short term tourist visa

Want to spend a longer time in Dubai. Then this visa is great for you

90 Days long term visa

The 90 days visa is perfect for visiting friends and family members in UAE

90 Days convertible visit visa

The 90 days visa is perfect for job seekers wanting to change their visa to employment or residence visa

30 days multiple entry visa

Come in and out of Dubai as many times as you please with the multiple entry business visa

90 Days multiple entry visa

You can come in and out of Dubai over a period of 90 days with this visa. Perfect for businessmen