Which different classes can be booked for international flights?

You can book Economy Class, Premier Economy, Business & First Class for International flights. In some cases you would not find First or Business Class results as these airlines might not be operating First or Business Class in these routes.

What does a transit airport mean?

A transit airport is one where you land for a break in your journey. You may or may not change aircrafts at the transit airport but you will definitely not be able to leave the airport when you’re in transit. Your itinerary will give you the details about the duration of transit time.

What are the things to remember before your travel?

Passport: Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the outbound date of travel. All travelers must have individual passports including children and infants.

Visa: You must be in possession of a valid visa for countries that do not facilitate visa on arrival. You may require travel insurance and a pre-determined amount of foreign currency to qualify for a visa to certain countries.

Transit Visa: Some countries require you to have a valid transit visa even if you’re not stopping en-route. Entry and transit requirements are subject to change and you are advised to check the requirements prior to travel.